Information Technology Director

Posted on 2017-10-02


The information technology director is responsible for the overall planning, organizing, and execution of all IT functions for the organization. This includes directing all IT operations to meet Ingomar requirements as well as the support and maintenance of existing applications and development of new technical solutions.

As an IT Director at Ingomar Packing Company, you’ll be part of the core team that keeps I.T. infrastructure infrastructure secure and functioning correctly, applying redundancy and other methods appropriate to each function’s criticality. All IT solutions shall be scalable consistent with Ingomar’s projected growth plans, with a suitable safety factor. The position will entail both getting hands-on as well as managing I.T. systems and applications at Ingomar. You should be comfortable seeing a project through from start to end. This position carries the responsibility to identify areas for improvement, research the best way to solve the problem, be able to describe and justify to others why you chose the approach you did, and then implement the solution.

IT Director should ensure user’s are aware of planned changes in their areas and are kept abreast of project and troubleshooting status. Additionally IT is responsible for ensuring users are trained appropriately in all software they are required to operate. The I.T. Director should be able to think both tactically and strategically throughout the day. You must be willing to be both a thinker and a doer. Must be able to visualize, plan and execute. The company operates around the clock (24X7) during the summer months and seemingly regular business hours during the off-season. The company relies on the I.T. Director to ensure all I.T systems and applications are functioning according to the needs of the users.

Role and Responsibilities

• Implement strategic and operational IT plans to achieve business goals.

• Provide direction and management of all Information Technology functions of the company including data security, backups,disaster recovery and ongoing operation during disasters.

• Set and work with HR and managers to to enforce policies for internet usage, network and application security.

• Maintain corporate servers, add capacity as needed, and plan for the future.

• Maintain networks, including continuous operation, security and remote access for authorized users.

• Maintain security at the infrastructure level and enforce company user security policies.

• Manage the IT Department budget to ensure a healthy ROI on IT investments and operations.

• Manage IT assets including tracking and replacement on the appropriate schedules.

• Ensure software licenses are kept current and equipment is warrantied or under the appropriate support agreements.

• Continually analyze and evaluate trends and issues in the IT industry, including new technologies and pricing, and promote upgrade and new technology projects for consideration. Ensure Ingomar’s technology level is appropriate for the stated direction and goals of the company.

• Manage IT related projects and vendors. Ensure IT projects are implemented on time and on budget.

• Help create and improve procedures for onboarding users across our various systems: Active Directory, Enterprise Applications - Aspen Systems Canopy, VoIP Phones, External Resources, etc.

• Define and work with analysts to develop, build out and maintain data warehouse and data repositories/warehousing, management and analytics tools

• Work with key members of various departments to resolve application issues, and system enhancements.

• Evaluate and help the organization receive full utilization with existing business system (Canopy).

• Provide Help Desk and troubleshooting, ensuring Ingomar has the necessary level of on call support.

Provide technical support to maintenance and vendors for systems connected to Ingomar IT infrastructure

Direct Reports: I.T. Administrator (Network)


• Effective written and verbal communications and the ability to relate to users and management.

• 5+ years of applications and systems implementation from start to finish.

• 5+ years of experience on Windows.

• Current experience with Mobile Device Management across both iOS.

• Experience with MS Exchange and administration of user Outlook accounts

• Current experience with configuring monitoring and alerting software

• Advanced experience with Microsoft Products like Office but more importantly advanced experience Excel.

• Experience with SQL Server administration.

• Ability to troubleshoot various client issues across Mac / Linux / Windows.

• Ability to troubleshoot various network issues including latency, collisions, overall performance etc.

• Ability to troubleshoot wired and wireless connectivity and performance, including 802.1x issues, VLANs, and Network ACLs.

• Familiarity with business VPNs, current networking technologies and security systems.

• Familiarity with server rooms and backup power systems.

• Experience with ERP software for food. Experience with food processing and packaging is a requirements. Experience with agricultural products is a plus.

• Other important applications experience; Payroll/timekeeping systems, WMS, Maintenance (EAM), Office 365.

Additional experience preferred

• MCSE or MCTIP Certification Desired

• ITIL Certification Preferred

• Familiarity with Business VOIP (NEC Univerge SV8300)

• Familiarity with AC and electrical infrastructure.