Aseptic Mechanic

Posted on 2017-05-29


Skills & Qualifications:

• Performs all tasks necessary to insure sterility of the process. Assemble or install all equipment or any parts necessary in insuring that the system remains sterile.

• Inspects and monitors all aseptic systems while the plant is in operation. Must be able to CIP, air test, hydrotest, and sterilize all vessels involving aseptic conditions within the plant, including Fillers, Cold Hold, and the Flash Cooler.

• Cleans, repairs, rebuilds and sterilizes all aseptic pumps and other aseptic equipment, including piping and valves, and possesses the mechanical skills necessary to maintain and repair their associated parts.

• Possesses knowledge of proper pressure settings of associated steam regulator and safety relief valves, and understands and can perform the function of steam blocking and chemical blocking.

• Possesses knowledge of CIP systems and procedures, including the handling and testing of CIP chemicals.

• Can perform the cleaning, repair, and filling of flash cooler, and cold hold tank, as well as the taking of sterile product samples. Insures all fittings and pumps are checked daily and that proper personnel are notified immediately when problems are noted.