2023 Sustainability Report

Clean Energy & Energy Efficiency

  • Carbon-free electricity generation through our on-site 1-MW solar array
  • Natural gas reductions through high-efficiency equipment (Plant 1 mechanical vapor recompression added in the 1990’s, Plant 2 Apollo evaporator added in 2014)
  • Increased efficiency and reduced emissions by switching most forklifts from propane to diesel, with future plans to electrify our next generation of equipment

Water Smart Manufacturing

  • Reduce well-water pumping through the use of recycled water from the artificial marsh that functions as a rinsewater treatment system
  • Recapturing tomato water for drinking water and groundwater recharge through the Botanical Water Partnership, a first-of-its kind project in North America to provide potable water to local disadvantaged communities
  • On-farm water efficiency and drought resilience through drip-irrigation which is used by 99% of Ingomar’s growers

Protecting and Increasing Biodiversity

  • On-site artificial marsh provides habitat for reeds, grasses, cattails, waterfowl, amphibians, and insects

Zero Waste Processes

  • Organic waste diversion and recycling processes which have diverted all tomato waste from landfill towards beneficial reuse since 2013

Community Wellbeing and Grower-Led Sustainability

  • Grower-owned partnership business model

Sustainability Framework

Our goal is to create solutions that not only protect the environment but also improve quality of life, create jobs, and promote economic prosperity .